Migrate from OptaPlanner

In spring of 2024, Red Hat announced end of life for OptaPlanner. Timefold Solver is a faster, feature-rich and actively developed fork of OptaPlanner.

Upgrading from OptaPlanner to Timefold Solver Community Edition only takes two minutes. Run the command below to upgrade your code automatically.

  • Maven

  • Gradle

mvn org.openrewrite.maven:rewrite-maven-plugin:5.28.0:run -Drewrite.recipeArtifactCoordinates=ai.timefold.solver:timefold-solver-migration:1.9.0 -Drewrite.activeRecipes=ai.timefold.solver.migration.ToLatest
curl https://timefold.ai/product/upgrade/upgrade-timefold.gradle > upgrade-timefold.gradle ; gradle -Dorg.gradle.jvmargs=-Xmx2G --init-script upgrade-timefold.gradle rewriteRun -DtimefoldSolverVersion=1.9.0 ; rm upgrade-timefold.gradle

Having done that, do a test run of the solver and commit the changes. If it doesn’t work, just revert it instead and submit an issue. We’ll fix it with the highest priority.

Timefold Solver 1.x is backward compatible with OptaPlanner 8.x, except for the following changes:

  • Minimum Java 17 (LTS). Java 21 (LTS) and the latest Java version are also supported.

  • The Maven/Gradle GAVs changed:

    • The groupId changed from org.optaplanner to ai.timefold.solver.

    • The artifactIds changed from optaplanner-* to timefold-solver-*.

    • ArtifactIds containing peristence- changed from optaplanner-persistence-* to timefold-solver-*.

      • For example, optaplanner-persistence-jackson changed to timefold-solver-jackson.

  • The import statements changed accordingly:

    • import org.optaplanner…​; changed to import ai.timefold.solver…​;.

    • import org.optaplanner.persistence…​; changed to import ai.timefold.solver…​; too.

  • The JEE dependencies changed from javax to jakarta to accommodate Spring 3 and Quarkus 3.

    • This is the same difference as between OptaPlanner 8.x and OptaPlanner 9.x.

  • The OptaPlannerJacksonModule class is now called TimefoldJacksonModule.

  • The deprecated scoreDRL support is removed, because Drools with its transitive dependencies have been removed entirely.

  • The unsecure module persistence-xstream is removed, because of old, unresolved CVEs in XStream.

  • The deprecated, undocumented ScoreHibernateType has been removed because of Jakarta. Use JPA’s ScoreConverter instead.

Timefold Solver 1.x does not support scoreDRL, nor is it upgraded automatically. If you’re still using scoreDRL from OptaPlanner 7.x, please upgrade to Constraint Streams first.

All other deprecated code remains to make upgrading easy.