Task assigning

Problem description

Assign each task to a spot in an employee’s queue. Each task has a duration which is affected by the employee’s affinity level with the task’s customer.

Hard constraints:

  • Skill: Each task requires one or more skills. The employee must possess all these skills.

Soft level 0 constraints:

  • Critical tasks: Complete critical tasks first, sooner than major and minor tasks.

Soft level 1 constraints:

  • Minimize makespan: Reduce the time to complete all tasks.

    • Start with the longest working employee first, then the second longest working employee and so forth, to create fairness and load balancing.

Soft level 2 constraints:

  • Major tasks: Complete major tasks as soon as possible, sooner than minor tasks.

Soft level 3 constraints:

  • Minor tasks: Complete minor tasks as soon as possible.

Value proposition


Problem size

24tasks-8employees   has  24 tasks, 6 skills,  8 employees,   4 task types and  4 customers with a search space of   10^30.
50tasks-5employees   has  50 tasks, 5 skills,  5 employees,  10 task types and 10 customers with a search space of   10^69.
100tasks-5employees  has 100 tasks, 5 skills,  5 employees,  20 task types and 15 customers with a search space of  10^164.
500tasks-20employees has 500 tasks, 6 skills, 20 employees, 100 task types and 60 customers with a search space of 10^1168.

Domain model